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    General rules of conduct:

    To further a positive and inviting environment, we have developed a code of conduct that we expect members of Del Norte Defensive Shooters to abide by at all times. Failure to abide by the rules of the site can result in suspension or even termination of your posting privileges.

    Under absolutely no circumstances should you ever:

    Post derogatory comments of a racial, religious, or sexual nature.
    Post comments in support of criminal violence or other illegal activities, including illegal modifications of firearms.
    Post comments that threaten harm to law enforcement officers, members of the military, government officials, other members, or the public at large.
    Post someone else’s personal information without permission, or attempt to interfere with someone’s personal/professional life based on web forum discussion.
    Clutter a thread with extraneous nonsense unrelated to the topic.

    When involved in discussions we expect you to:

    Remain polite and professional in your conversation with others. Demeaning, insulting, and berating other members will not be tolerated. You are free to disagree, but do so respectfully and with humility.

    Show patience with new members who may be unfamiliar with the culture or features of the site or competitive pistol shooting. Offering good-natured guidance to new members is encouraged and appreciated.

    Try to use proper English to aid in the comprehensibility of the forum
    Abstain from any inter-forum warfare. Do not say mean things about other forums or people from other forums. We are here to discuss ideas, sport and our club
    Try to keep threads on topic.

    Abstain from posting, or linking to, Not-Safe-For-Work content (pictures, websites, etc.). This would include use in avatars, signatures, etc.

    No whining, please.

    Disclose any commercial interest you have in a product or vendor. This can be done in your signature.
    Abstain from complaining about a problem with a product you aren’t willing to contact the manufacturer about.

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