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    Hello All,

    We have rescheduled the F2S Class we had to postpone due to the ammo shortage.

    The new course will be Friday November 29th – Sunday December 1st.

    Jordan from Calibers has ammo for sale in bulk and will sell you all the ammo you need!
    Federal 9mm 115gr Brass Case- 17.99/50
    American Eagle .45ACP 230gr Brass Case-$24.99/50
    HPR 55gr .223- $24.99/50

    Right now he has 100000 rounds of 223, about 9000 rounds of .45, and 26000 rounds of 9mm.

    Word on the street is that .45 ACP is going to be VERY short soon industry wide (Gov contracts coming in like a mofo) whereas 223 will loosen up a bit.

    A note from Jack about ammo count:
    “I am dropping the minimum round count to 700 pistol and 1000 rifle, with a recommended 800 and 1500.
    Caveat: the individual will have to self-regulate ammunition expended. I will express during training where rounds can be cut and where I feel that they should be used. At the end of the day it is the individual that bears ultimate responsibility for training value if a lower than recommended amount of ammunition is brought.”

    The only spots we have left are for both the pistol and carbine. Just pistol is full. If you want to do just carbine we have two spots for just carbine.

    Pistol/Carbine Class Announcement – November 29th – December 1st, 2013

    F2S Consulting LLC will be holding a Combination One Day Practical Pistol and Two Day Practical Carbine Class at Del Norte Gun Club November 29th – December 1st, 2013

    November 29th, 2013 – One day Practical Pistol will establish the shooters practical fundamentals with their sidearm. It will focus on precision, rapidly aimed fire, as well as extreme close range application from the holster. The shooter may employ any gear configuration from duty platform to daily conceal carry setup.

    This class will cover:

    Setup of weapons and support gear
    Manipulations and corrective action
    Initial skill assessment
    Grip, stance, and trigger control
    Drawing and presentations
    Precision fire
    Multiple shot engagements
    Multiple target engagements
    Extreme close range engagements
    One handed manipulations and engagement
    Use of cover
    Alternate positions
    Pistol class gear list:

    Serviceable handgun. May be any duty caliber from 9×19 to .45 ACP. Outside these calibers please contact us.
    Holster. Drop, sub-load, belt, or vest-mounted are all acceptable, as long as the user can draw and holster the pistol without pointing the muzzle to either side. If intending on using a SERPA, please contact me
    (5) Pistol Magazines, with at least (15) round capacity preferred. If using magazines with a capacity of (10) or less, please bring (7) magazines.
    (800) rounds of factory loaded pistol ammunition
    Magazine pouches that permit rapid access for timely reloads
    Eye Protection/Shooting Glasses
    Hearing Protection
    Electronic Ear Pro is preferred but not mandatory
    Brimmed Hat
    Weapons cleaning kit
    Firearm Lubrication

    November 30th – December 1st – Two Day Practical Carbine takes the shooter outside of the normal CQB range and expands the skill set of the shooter through consistent rapid application of fundamental marksmanship.

    The class will cover:

    Combative setup of weapons and support gear
    Manipulations/Corrective Action (Stoppage Reduction)
    Initial Skill Assessment
    Post-Shot Sequence
    Fundamental Positions
    Mid-Range Precision Shooting
    Effects of weather
    Use of Slings
    Position Refinement
    Combative Positions
    Multiple shot engagements
    Multiple Targets
    Bilateral Shooting
    Transition to Sidearm (as applicable)
    One-Handed Employment
    One-Handed Corrective Action
    Alternate Positions
    Alteration of trajectory
    Shooting on the Move
    Rapid Movement
    Use of Cover
    Use of Support
    Low-Light engagements
    Rifle Class Gear list:

    Serviceable rifle or carbine. May be any caliber from 5.45×39 to 7.62×63.
    Sling. Must permit the long-gun to safely hang without requiring physical contact from the user.
    (5) Serviceable Magazines. If using (20) round mags, bring (8).
    (1,500) rounds of factory loaded rifle ammunition.
    Magazine pouches that permit rapid access for timely reloads
    Eye Protection/Shooting Glasses
    Hearing Protection (Electronic Ear Pro is preferred but not mandatory)
    Brimmed Hat
    Weapons cleaning kit
    Firearm Lubrication
    Recommended Items:

    Belt pouches/pockets (or whatever combination of those) that permit the user to bring (4) magazines to the firing line (not counting the magazine in the weapon). Magazines can be placed in pockets as well.
    Shooting Mat
    Hydration source (does not need to go with the user to the firing line)
    Rain/cold weather over-garments
    Lip Balm
    Insect Repellant
    Notebook and pen
    1stAid Kit for individual use for minor injuries.
    Gloves that permit safe operation of both weapon platforms
    Knee pads. Elbow pads are not frequently needed, but are acceptable
    Comfortable, robust clothing appropriate to seasonal conditions.
    Durable shoes/boots
    Extra socks (wool recommended)
    Electronic hearing protection
    Wrap around eye protection, with clear and tinted lenses
    Spare weapon parts or back-up weapons of the same platform
    Secondary weapon(Sidearm)- If the shooter’s application of the long-gun is in conjunction with one. No ammunition is necessary for course completion
    Those having completed the One Day Practical Pistol are validated for secondary weapon live fire during Two Day Practical Carbine.

    Course Fee:

    This class is open to all. If you are not a Del Norte Gun Club member there is a $10/ Day range fee.

    One Day Practical Pistol – $200

    Two Day Practical Carbine – $400

    Combination One Day Pistol/Two Day Carbine $570

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    Only one spot left….

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